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Hurlingham (Argentina)

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  • WASAO the movie (trailer)

    An Akita Inu dog, covered in long white fur is looking out from inside a freight train which left from Tokyo. Although exhausted, the dog continues its journey and finds itself in Ajigasawa, Aomori Prefecture. Sumo wrestling and triathlon are popular in this town and the story features interesting characters -- Setsuko, the three elderly customers of Setsuko's store, her husband, his buddies, three junior high school students and other locals. The story unfolds, featuring a triathlon tournament, the local Nebuta Festival and other events. The love for nature, the people and animals tells a tear-jerking story of a speechless dog with a pure heart. The Akita Inu dog appears before Setsuko, a big-time animal lover and Akira, who helps Setsuko take care of the animals, whilst they feed six other dogs. The dog fixes his gaze on the boy, Akira, but does not touch the food in front of him. In the peaceful town of Ajigasawa, the locals witness an unidentified animal, which some claim looked like a lion, whilst others describe its look as more like a bear. It was eating farm crops and many raised concerns for their children's safety. This led to a plan for a hunter to terminate it. With much effort, Setsuko finally got the dog to start eating a little of what she offers him. However, the dog's temperament puzzles her, he hardly lets anyone near him, and comes and goes as he please. But yet he always seems to cheer up the elderly and the junior high school students who are hard at training for a triathlon tournament. The dog also shows concern for the old dog that Setsuko had taken under her wing. Setsuko realizes that the Akita Inu dog that appeared before her, looked like a lion, and that worried her. She was afraid that it might get mistaken as the bear that's ruining the farm crops and get shot. Setsuko extends her love and care to every living thing, and Akira who loves dogs, but is unable to open up as a puppy had led to his mother's hospitalization, as a result of an accident. The mysterious dog stays by their side as if it is on a mission of his own. Win exclusive WASAO premiums in our WASAO Lookalike Contest on Facebook! Visit to participate!

  • Akita Inu, Ito

    Fotografías de los primeros meses de Ito. Él es mi Akita Inu y como particularidad, tiene el pelo largo.

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  • NO al maltrato animal!!!

    Publicado el 22/04/2012 a las 04:52h

    Los niños torturadores de animales en su vida adulta reemplazan a los animales por personas y son golpeadores, abusadores y hasta asesinos. Quizá esten a tiempo de darles tratamiento psiquiatrico, ...

  • Os propongo un concurso simpatico,el premio sera ....

    Publicado el 12/03/2012 a las 13:41h

    Pueden entrar las fotos que ya tenemos publicadas o deben ser fotos nuevas??

  • duda con mi akita de 3 meses

    Publicado el 10/03/2012 a las 14:58h

    #24 Gracias, realmente son perros muy hermosos y además muy buenos!! Kiba nunca perdió el pelo largo, es raro pero en ocasiones algunos bebes nacen con un gen recesivo que los hace lucir como los...

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