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tengo 2 gatitos negros de 3 meses, 3 gatitos bebés grises y 1 gatita bebé negrita con manchas blancas, 2 cachorritas y 1 cachorro nene de 5 meses. 2 perras grandes, una mezcla siberiano con ovejero aleman y la otra mestiza de gran porte! Amo los animales en general. Soy desarolladora y diseñadora gráfica y web. Hablo inglés fluídamente y me gusta criar animalitos =)

Soy budista de nacimiento, actualmente practicante =D

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  • Perra de raza Shar Pei cría dos tigrecillos en Rusia

    A Shar Pei named Cleopatra is suckling two newborn Siberian tigers that were rejected by their mother, Bagira, from the Sochi Zoo. The dog accepted the two baby tigers immediately, licked them and started to suckle them. In an effort to help Cleopatra, zoo attendants bring fresh goat milk for the two little predators every day.

  • Dog braves traffic to stick by fatally struck pal video

    LA PUENTE, Calif - The person that filmed the dogs saw them on the side of the road, stopped & put up traffic cones surrounding them, called 911 then took the video! Basically the people that killed the dog, hit it & drove off. These people stopped, risked their lives walking out into traffic to put up traffic cones. How many of you would have done that? Los Angeles county animal control officials are heralding the loyalty of a black Labrador Retriever that braved traffic to stay by another dog (golden retriever) that was fatally struck by a car. No one claimed the dogs even though they looked to be in good health, but the black lab will be up for adoption soon!

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