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Hola me llamo Alicia les puedo contar que desde que tengo a drako es lo mejor que me ha pasado en la vida que bendición la mía despertar y ver su cara y cuidar de el es lo que mas me satisface en el mundo.

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  • baby playing with Staffordshire Bull Terrier

    baby playing with Staffordshire Bull Terrier

  • SBT - The 'Real' Story

    The SBT has been copping a bit of flack in the media, being targeted as dangerous and 'statisticaly' rating as one of the highest biters/attackers. The trouble is, how are these statistics gathered? Who decides the difference between a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, An American Staffordshire Terrier, A Pit Bull, or any Cross Breeds for that matter? A recent article reported that an SBT was the offender, when in actual fact the picture they used for an example of the breed was an AmStaff... this highlights precisely that the media are pretty slap happy when preparing their articles and don't research these cases completely. They are looking for BIG headlines, and a quick blame solution.. Unfortunately it is ultimately the dogs that end up suffering. This video is not about shifting blame from one breed to the next, its about recognising that it is not the dog or the breed that are the problem, but the OWNERS. Afterall, who do the dogs learn from? We need to 're-educate' the public, our families, and even the media. Its about promoting "Responsible Ownership" - choosing the 'right' dog for your lifestyle, being dedicated to providing training and guidance, and learning how to be a strong leader. As you will see in the video, Staffordshire Bull Terriers are the most loving and kindest of breeds, they are a family dog, who need to be included, loved and treated with respect... give them this and they will be your friend for life... Thank you to all at Bull Breeds Online & Petbizzo who generously donated pictures for this video, even if we can reach just a few people with our message, it will have been worth it.

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  • Pipetas

    Publicado el 11/09/2012 a las 18:20h

    las advantix no les funcionan

  • Pipetas

    Publicado el 11/09/2012 a las 17:33h

    Hola quisiera saber si alguien del foro a probado con las pipetas Novartis Prac-tic??

  • Urgentemente

    Publicado el 10/06/2012 a las 11:23h

    muchas gracias por sus consejos, el esta estupendo dandole los baños le va mejor a ver cuando tarda muchisimas gracias por preocuparse

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  • Pipetas

    Publicado el 11/09/2012 a las 17:33h

  • Tenerife

    Publicado el 03/06/2012 a las 10:31h

  • Urgentemente

    Publicado el 30/05/2012 a las 16:40h

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