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Vídeo: Shadow turns blue


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This is taken from an episode of a tv show. The show states that the dog is aggressive to other dogs. Generally, in this type of case, a certified applied animal behaviorist would start working at a distance where the dog wasn\'t reactive and work on training the dog alternate appropriate behavior, such as focusing on them, heeling, playing games, etc.

Positive reinforcement would be used so that the dog learns that good things happen when he behaves appropriately around the other dogs. He would not be allowed to get rewards for bad behavior.

Watch for an example of training a dog aggressive dog to focus on the trainer so he can make a positive association with the other dog. Once he is trained, he can be introduced to new dog in 10 minutes or less.

What to look for in this video:

1) Why does this dog initially attack? Generally when a dog stops the attack and is stationary, that is your chance to redirect his attention. What does this trainer do?

2) Pressure around the neck closes the airway and can cause a gag reflex, look for signs of gulping. How many time do you see the dog gulp?

3) When a nylon or leather noose tightens around the neck, it doesn\'t loosen on its own once pressure is released. Note the tightness of the leash.

4) When a dog has its oxygen cut off for an extended period of time, their blood oxygen drops. They collapse and their tongue turns blue. Their respiratory rate is elevated as they try to breathe in more oxygen. Is this dog relaxed when its laying on its side or is it recovering from a stressful event? Also notice the pool of urine when the dog finally gets up.

5) Penis crowning (when the penis sticks out of the sheath) is a sign of arousal, similar to raised hackles. Some dogs may exhibit this behavior when they are on red alert due to fear or other emotionally charged situations.

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